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1969 - 1996 

Engineering Office Hartmut Meyer

Mister Meyer established the office by himself with freelancers between 1969 and 1987. His first employee was Mister Weirauch in 1987.

1996 - 2000 

Engineering Office Meyer + Winter

In 1996, the long-time freelancer Mister Winter joins the office as a partner. This year, the office engages 3 employees.

since 2000

Engineering Office Meyer + Schubart

In 2000, Mister Winter retires from the partnership. Mister Schubart, employee since 1993, is incorporated as a new partner.
At this point, the engineering office has five employees.

July 2008 The new office building is inaugurated, the office moves from Bluemenauer Straße to Haupstraße in Luthe, a different district of Wunstorf. 
later 2008 Mr. Meyer retires from the partnership. 
since 2009

Being employed since 2003, Dr. Frickel joins the partnership. Mister Meyer works as a freelancer for the engineering office.

Nowadays, the engineering office employs ten permanent employees and one freelancer. It operates especially throughout Germany but also in other European countries. The engineering office is supported by the design office of the same name with four more employees.

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