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Code of Conduct

- Version of November 23, 2009 -


The engineering office Meyer+Schubart, partnership of consulting engineers VBI, provides planning services in construction engineering. The core competence of our company is the provision of services in structural design and object planning concerning steel and composite bridges. For more extensive overall planning, Meyer + Schubart offers services in cooperation with highly-qualified partners. 

Our company has decades of experience and highly qualified employees. The personal know-how and teamwork of our employees are of central importance for the performance of our company. 

Due to our staffing structure and flat hierarchies, we are able to provide our clients with innovative high-quality engineering services in due time. Flexibility and practical relevance are the pillars of our daily actions.

As an independent owner-operated engineering office, we are successfully facing the competition. Values and integrity are indispensable parts of our corporate and business culture. Fair and partnership-based cooperation is the foundation of our company.


§1        Relevance of Contract

The code is legally binding in addition to the GmbH partner and employment agreements.

§2        Basic Values

Management and staff are committed to the basic values of the preamble. Their actions are characterized by implementation in daily practice.

§3        Business Assets

All decisions related to the business assets are the sole responsibility of the management who ensures to act according to the code of conduct.

§4        Grants

Grants for business partners are generally excluded. Business partners are asked to refrain from grants. Grants for employees are to be reported to the management in their part.

§5        Secondary Employment and Involvement

Secondary employment and involvement with other companies are generally prohibited unless they have been approved in writing by the management. Secondary employment and involvement which can lead to conflicts of interest can not be approved. 

§6        Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest which for example arise from other business and/ or private circumstances must immediately be reported to the management.

§7        Obligation to Secrecy

Management and staff are sworn to secrecy. This covers all the facets of business, such as internal workflow, specialist project knowledge, details concerning proposals, orders and/or contracts, etc.

Media contacts are performed exclusively by the management. 

Publications in any form which are related to professional activity require a written consent of the management. This ensures a previous consultation with other parties involved.

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