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  Current Projects


Reconstruction of the Rethebrücke

Two-winged bascule bridge of steel construction
Two separate superstructures for road traffic and port railway


Span width 104m
Handling period          2010 - today
Our contribution        detail design







Talbrücke Nuttlar

Steel superstructure with composite deck,
single-lined box girder
Installation by incremental launching


Total length              660m (over 7 spans)
Main span width        115m


Handling period          2011 - today
Our contribution        detail design



(Quelle Fa. Max Bögl)






Nordumgehung B304


Composite bridge with four close-positioned main girders and tubular steel support, integral design, tubular support is lengthwise attached to the superstructure and fundaments are cantilever.
Compilation of columns in main spans as V-pillars with total cantilever


Total length 385 m over 11 spans

Handling period  ´   2010 - today
Our contribution     due to §42 Lph.4, 
                              §49 Lph.4 HOAI



Composite bridge with integral cantilever tubular steel support
System as Trauntalbrücke


Total length 72 m


Handling period      2010 - today
Our contribution     due to §42 Lph.4, §49 Lph.4 HOAI








Baumwipfelpfad in Scheidegg

Adventure climbing path between tree tops consisting of suspension bridges  and steel structures with timber planking


2 Towers, 14 masts, 17 connecting paths
Total length of paths: ca. 550m
Height of path (above ground-level) around 25m
Highest mast               ca. 40m


Handling period            2010 - today
Construction period       2010 - today
Our contribution          structural design





EÜ Dammtordamm

Three trough bridges made of steel with an inclination of rd. 56°

Span widths :
Superstructure 1: rd. 40,3 m
Superstructure 2: rd. 38 m
Superstructure 3: rd. 37 m


Handling Period           2011 - today
Our contribution          due to §42 Lph. 4, §49 Lph. 4 HOAI







Riedbahnbrücke Mannheim

Arch bridge with suspended composite deck
Three parallel arch levels

Span width  58,70m


Handling period    2010 - today
Our contribution   detail design
                        installation engineering



Stepenitzbrücke Wittenberge

Arch bridge with suspended composite deck

Span width  69m


Handling period    2010 - today
Our contribution   detail design



Tunnelstrecke Eierberge

2 Arch bridges with suspended deck in connection with the tunnel section EÜ Mainbrücke Wiesen
three consecutively placed, two-tracked railway bridges, identical in construction

Span width 72m each


Handling period       2010 - today
Our contribution      detail design



EÜ Flutmuldenbrücke Wiesen
Two-tracked railway bridge
Span  88m


Handling period         2010 - today
Our contribution       detail design


Brooksbrücke Hamburg (Hafencity)

The Brooksbrücke has been constructed as a steel truss arch bridge with suspended deck and was erected in 1888.
Total width 17,30 m; span 44 m


The construction basically consists of a renewal of the carriageway and the pedestrian path with additional mounting of a temporary construction, renewal of corrosion protection for the entire steel construction, the exchange of particular, highly corroded components, the refurbishment of bearings, the refurbishment of abutments, including partial renewal of the chamber walls and a renewal of cables attached to the bridge.









Truss arch bridge with arched plate - concrete deck construction
Handling period         2009 - today
Construction period    2010 - today
Our contribution: refurbishment planning


Prinzbrücke Münster

Bridge crossing the DEK

Recalculations and planning of safety measures





Handling period    2007 - today
Our contribution: refurbishment planning


Bornaische Brücke Leipzig

Alternatives analysis for a new substitutional construction
Overbridge of a triple carriageway and a two-track metropolitan railway over railway tracks
1. Version: Arch bridge with suspended composite deck
2. Version: steel deck bridge 
Span width: 45m

Handling period         2009 - today
Our contribution       outline planning, recalculations



Neckarbrücke Zwingenberg

Cable-stayed bridge crossing the Neckar-river


Average span width   121,50 m


Handling period         2009 - today
Construction period   2009 - today
Our contribution       detail design




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