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  International Projects

Cisomang Railway Bridge
Java, Indonesia


Deck bridge over 11 spans, total length 243m, arch span 152,30m

The mounting process that is divided into small sections is the special feature of this bridge in the Indonesian jungle.                                           All prefabricated parts had to be transported by train and later in small vehicles to the construction site and be mounted manually. The use of big machines was not possible.

Handling period        2001 - 2002
Construction period  2002 - 2004
Our contribution      detail design


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Ny Svinesundbro

Steel box girder over 7 spans with side spans and main girder with span 188,64m
Total length 693,92m
Suspender as locked coil strands

Handling period         2006
Construction period   2002 - 2005
Our contribution: detail design

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Kaldvellelva Bru


Slab cross section on steel bearings and steel arch
Total length     127,75m


Handling period         2006 - 2007
Construction period   2007 - 2008
Our contribution:      detail design


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WM Stadium Durban
South Africa


Football stadium for the World Cup 2010
Y-shaped bearer as steel box girder, span: 347m
Arch height/ king pin inclination angle: 92m / 61m

Handling period          2008-2009
Construction period    2009
Our contribution:       detail design


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Maksimir Stadium Zagreb


Football stadium and multi-purpose hall, moveable roof as tube truss
main span between supporting columns 132m plus 2 x 50m overhang

Handling period    2007
Our contribution: detail design


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