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Brooksbrücke Hamburg (Hafencity)

The Brooksbrücke has been constructed as a steel framework arch bridge with suspended deck and was erected in 1888.
Total width 17,30 m; span 44 m

The construction basically consists of a renewal of the carriageway and the pedestrian path with additional mounting of a temporary construction, renewal of corrosion protection for the entire steel construction, the exchange of particular, highly corroded components, the refurbishment of bearings, the refurbishment of abutments, including partial renewal of the chamber walls and a renewal of the cables attached to the bridge.






Truss arch bridge with arched plate - concrete carriageway construction
Handling period         2009 - today
Construction period   2010-today
Our contribution: refurbishment planning


Bornaische Brücke Leipzig

Conversion of the existing superstructure to a temporary bridge
Overbridge for the city railway

Span 45m

Handling period           2010
Our contribution          refurbishment planning


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